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Beqa Island Resort    Beqa Island, Fiji

Beqa Island Resort

Our intimate resort features 25 deluxe, private air-conditioned villas(called bures) spread out beneath the lush tropical landscape. Each of these generously sized mini-suites are beautifully appointed with traditional island dècor.

12 stunning beachfront bures grace the shoreline, each with their own private courtyard, large sundeck and cool plunge pool. One of the beachfront bures is designated as our honeymoon bure featuring premium ocean view, upgraded contemporary interior and even a romantic outdoor shower.

6 charming bures surround our koi pond and 3 very private bures are tucked away in the garden.

For families or groups we suggest one of our 4 comfortable and spacious two-bedroom bures. Each of these are about 1,000 square feet with 2 private bedrooms and a large living and dining room area. Enjoy soothing ocean views from your private patio or balcony.

The most striking feature of Beqa Lagoon Resort is its seclusion. Only fifteen square kilometers, Beqa Island has no roads, no towns and only a few isolated villages scattered around the perimeter. The island is skirted by stretches of sandy beach laced with mysterious tide pools. We often spent hours before sunset picking up shells and broken coral along the beach and watching strange little starfish that move quickly using their legs like an octopus.

Although the resort grounds are neatly groomed, colorful island critters still have free range. At dinner one night, a little green gecko no bigger than a dragonfly scurried up our neighbor's leg, sat and stared a bit, then scuttled away. At night crabs march across the lawn to the beach.

Just behind the resort the land slopes gently upward into a tropical forest. Further into the forest one comes across a fresh water stream descending from a waterfall just about a mile from the resort . Here the thick jungle vegetation occasionally gives way to patches of sweet potatoes, pineapples and taro root, but all in all, the land remains pristine. Tropical flowers bloom everywhere, and the tables at the resort are always filled with fresh cuttings.

If you hike a short way up the hillside, you will find yourself at the base of an impressive waterfall. After cooling off a bit in the pool you can hike further up the path. And right at sunset you hit the top of the trail where you can look out over the entire lagoon. With a little more ambition and time you could hike to the top of the mountain where you can see the entire island from one place.





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Beqa Island

One of the best known diving destinations in Fiji and once christened "The Mecca of Pacific Diving", Beqa Island (pronounced "Benga") lies just 13 kilometres south of the southern coast of Viti Levu and to the north of Kadavu. The area was famed for its incredibly varied sites which were home to some great bommies and rocky pinnacles as well as some of the best pelagic fish encounters in Fiji.

Nowadays, after El Niño struck at the tail end of the 20th century, the coral reefs are some distance from their former glory but still represent some of the better diving to be had around Viti Levu. There are a number of pretty good sites around Beqa Lagoon and, although there may not be too much in the way of schools of fish or pelagics, there is a good variety of reef life. For less experienced divers or for those who do not wish to take a domestic flight to the outer islands of Fiji, scuba diving at Beqa could be right for you.

The lagoon consists of over one hundred square miles of clear water surrounded by the protective arms of some thirty solid kilometres of barrier reef. This makes it one of the world's largest barrier reefs. Given this geographical feature you'll experience only gentle currents when diving in Beqa Lagoon, and the water stays around 26°C for most of the year.

Fiji lies in the South West Pacific. There are six island groups in all with over 300 islands. Viti Levu is the largest island being about 10,000 sq. km in size with almost three quarters of the countries 800,000 population. Viti Levu is volcanic in appearance with a high central plateau and mountain peaks over 1000 metres.

Nationals of USA, Canada, EEC countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan plus others are granted a 4-month visa on arrival with a valid passport and onward airline ticket . An extension of 2-months is allowed on application and providing financila stability Other Nationals should check with their nearest Fiji Embassy to obtain a visa before arrival.

Currency is the local F$ and electricity is 240v. English is widely spoken along with local dialects and a form of Hindustani. Fiji is 12 hours ahead of GMT and a massive 20 hours behind New Zealand. International dialling code is (679). Internet connections are available at most resorts and towns and charge between F$160 and F$5 an hour. By far the cheapest access is in Nadi Town.

The climate in Fiji is pleasant all year round. From Dec-Apr it is slightly hotter and more humid. The winter months from Jun-Oct are usually quite dry. Average temperatures are 29/23c in Jan to 25/18c in July.

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