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Fish 'n Fins   Palau, Micronesia

Fish 'n Fins

Tova and Navot Bornovski, owners and operators of Fish ‘n Fins, and Ocean Hunter liveaboards welcome you to Palau. It will be our pleasure to assist you broaden your knowledge of Palau, prepare your trip of a lifetime and host you here as our personal guests, for diving, exploring the islands and relaxing. Our international, professional and friendly staff will be here to assist us in hosting and looking after you whilst you are in Palau.

Tova and Navot Bornovski bring decades of dive experience to the diving industry in Palau. This intrepid couple traversed the seas on a four and a half year around-the-world sailing trip in the ‘80s and fell in love with Palau. They began to work on the first liveaboard to dive Palau, the highly acclaimed Sun-Tamarin. Tova and Navot worked as cook and divemaster, respectively, from 1986 to 1987, deepening their bond with Palau and diving. In 1993 after Navot had graduated as a Naval Architect and Mechanical Engineer in Israel, the Bornovskis returned to Palau, alongside friend Francis “Mr. Dive Palau” Toribiong. This time the Bornovskis crossed the Pacific in their newly- remodeled luxurious liveaboard, the Ocean Hunter, accompanied by their children Yarden (4) and Udi (3) at the time. Ever since, the Ocean Hunter has had a happy home in Palau, joined by Bornovski children Liam and Gayl, born in Palau. In 1998, Tova and Navot took over Fish ‘n Fins and have run the shop as a family business. They have developed a 5 star, 21st century dive center for divers and explorers alike. Tova and Navot at the Fish 'n Fins helm have contributed their expertise and services to numerous projects in Palau, including research expeditions, articles and movies (Skin Diver, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC), and conservation efforts. They founded the Micronesian Shark Foundation in conjunction with an annual Shark Week festival at Fish ‘n Fins, aimed at gathering research and raising awareness to protect sharks throughout Micronesia. In 2000, Navot led a crew of technical divers in the discovery of the USS Perry, the only US shipwreck in Palau, continuing Fish ‘n Fins tradition of pioneering the waters of Palau.


Fish ‘n Fins Dive Shop

•Fish ‘n Fins is an authorized dealer of Aqualung, Sea Quest, DeepSea and other equipment.

•Our Dive Shop offers a wide variety of diving and snorkeling gear such as: masks, fins, snorkels, BCDs, regulators, dive computers, dive lights, reef hooks, safety sausages, silicon grease, anti-fog etc. Find all your diving paraphernalia here.

•We are also proud to offer a very large selection of t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, hats and other dive and Palau associated merchandise.

•Rare and extensive selection of books and videos on Palau.

•All our rental equipment is fully serviced and less than one year old. See our Rental Gear price list.


Technical Diving


Fish 'n Fins is a full technical diving facility. We offer guided technical excursions and cater for all needs including Deep, Wreck and CCR Rebreather divers.

We also offer luxury liveaboard trips with our Ocean Hunter liveaboard fleet.


Photo Shop

Our high-tech, state of the art Photo Shop is designed for underwater photographers to meet, share their work, and do their best work. Our Photoshop Pro is an expert at digital editing, using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop on our PowerMac G5. He can also fix cameras and give you shooting pointers. Some other services:
•Develop and buy film
•Rent digital or film cameras
•Download your digital prints or video to CD or DVD
•We can edit your video for you!
•Print out your digital footage to high-resolution, glossy photos
•And our most special service, CUSTOM VIDEOS: Bring back home a nice DVD or VHS (NTSC or PAL system) with 25-30 minutes of edited video of your best moments diving with us, the best footage of Palau, and some good music in the background. A wonderful memory to share from your trip.

Repair Shop

At Fish ‘n Fins, our certified technicians service dive equipment and SCUBA gear, including regulators, BCDs, fins etc. for all major manufacturers.


Our classroom is the perfect, relaxing atmosphere in which to take your courses. Located on the dock with the Rock Islands right outside the window, you will have lectures, watch videos, and talk with your teacher in here. Lunch and snack breaks are at our restaurant just outside.

Hotel Pickups

We pick you up from your hotel in the morning and drive you back home again after diving, all using our fleet of new, clean air-conditioned vans


We’re proud of our toilets! The restrooms are new and very clean.

Hot Shower

When you get back to Fish 'n Fins after a day of diving, you will enjoy a hot freshwater shower right on the dock.

Rinsing Facilities

After a day of diving, your gear and camera equipment can be rinsed in our specially designed rinsing tub made out of fiberglass, not the usual concrete, to protect your dive gear. We have a separate rinsing tub for cameras.

Gear Room

Our gear room is fully ventilated to allow your gear to dry. And there is a security guard on the premises 24 hours every day plus CCTV, not only to protect our dive shop, but to protect your equipment.

Affiliated diving agencies

Fish 'n Fins is a full PADI IDC Center                   

Fish 'n Fins is an affiliated BSAC resort center

Fish 'n Fins is an affiliated VDST dive center

Fish 'n Fins is an affiliated CMAS dive center




You did not travel all the way to Palau to dive just to be piled up in the same small boat with 20 other divers. At Fish 'n Fins we limit the number of divers per boat. Explore our reefs with few divers around you.

All our boats have cushioned seating, protective overhead covering, and dry storage compartments. We have dive boats measuring:

38 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Triton)

35 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Poseidon & Neptune)

32 feet 2 X 175 HP 4-stroke engines (Nautilus)

29 feet 2 X 150 HP engines (Kon-Tiki & Calypso)

27 feet 2 X 150 HP engines (Jaco)


Tanks and Air

Fish 'n Fins offers the diver a wide variety of Air Tanks: 80 (our standard), 100, 70, and 63 cubic feet (12, 15, 10.5 and 9.5 litres).

Our NITROX tanks are aluminum 80's clearly identified with yellow / green NITROX markings. We have Standard and DIN valves available and we guarantee your tanks will always be filled to their maximum working capacity.

Fish 'n Fins is very proud of its Air Quality. It is analyzed at set intervals by Trace Analytics, Inc., 15768 Hamilton Pool Rd., Austin, TX 78738, Tel: (800) Air-1024. And it is in compliance with the Compressed Breathing Air Specifications CGA G-7.1-1997 Grade E(2).

Dive Guides

You will always have at least one dive guide on your boat, often an international team of two, who will lead you in the water on every dive, helping you identify fish, showing you underwater secrets, and answering all your questions about Palau. Our dive guides are all trained to at least the PADI Divemaster level and are underwater naturalists. They hail from Japan, Philippines, Israel and Austria. However, we also have made a commitment since 1972 to hire and train local Palauan dive guides, so the majority of our guides and all our boat captains are Palauan. Having grown up around the reef, they act as invaluable sources of knowledge, and ambassadors into Palauan culture as well. The Dive Guides are there to ensure you have a fun and safe trip.


We have a flexible dive itinerary customized according to our divers' wishes and our knowledge of the best dive sites for the day's conditions.
•A morning dive trip leaves around 8:30am and returns anywhere from 3:30-5:30pm, earlier or later at your request.
•In between two dives, take a one-hour surface interval in a beautiful snorkel spot where you can explore around the Rock Islands.
•Lunch is usually after the two dives--we have a picnic on a Rock Island beach.
•Without paying extra, you can stop and snorkel at the intact and shallow Zero plane, the giant Tridacna clams, or ask your driver about the Milky Way--you'll be in for a traditional treatment: Palauan white clay masks with a private lagoon for a spa.
•We try to make sure everyone visits where they want to go.
•Enjoy the scenic boat ride including WWII relics, ancient red cave paintings, and the famous Rock Island Arch.
•Sit back, relax, and let us take you to the best sites Palau has to offer.


What is Nitrox?

Picture yourself on a dive at the always stunning Blue Corner. You are hooked into the reef corner at 60 feet/18 metres as uncountable sharks loom around you, and two huge eagle rays hover effortlessly in the current against a backdrop of blackbar barracuda. All too soon, you have to ascend to a shallower depth to remain within the no-decompression diving limits. As you longingly look back down at the corner, you see two other divers still down there, and they started the dive at the same time as you! They have bright yellow and green Nitrox labels on their tanks. How does this work?

Nitrox, or Enriched Air, is a mixture of air with less nitrogen and more oxygen than the normal air we breathe from our scuba tanks. Normal air contains approximately 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. Nitrox is available in mixtures of 32% oxygen, 36% oxygen and 40% oxygen. This higher oxygen percentage and lower nitrogen percentage in the air means that there is less nitrogen to dissolved into the bloodstream of a Nitrox user at the same time and depth as someone breathing normal air. Therefore, Nitrox lets you stay down for longer. You also benefit by shorter surface intervals due to less outgasing required, and at the end of the day you’ll feel less fatigued from the reduced physiological effort of outgasing nitrogen. And perhaps the greatest advantage of Nitrox is its enhancement of safe diving. Nitrox reduces risks for decompression illness and will help you make the most of your diving.

Nitrox 32% is FREE for qualified divers!!


Fish 'n Fins uses a membrane system for our nitrox tanks. Our IANTD certified gas-blender crew will pump your tank to the required O2 content and then analyze it. Before the dive, you’ll analyze your own tank with a second analyzer and sign a sheet stating the O2% in your tank and your maximum depth. Then you’ll slip into the water with all the benefits of NITROX. If you are not yet qualified to use NITROX then the PADI Enriched Air Speciality is just what you need. See the courses page for more details.





Safety is our top priority here at Fish 'n Fins. Our boat drivers and dive staff are all specially trained to handle all diving and boating emergencies.
Each boat is equipped with Emergency Oxygen and a full first aid kit. Underwater one or more guides will accompany you on every dive to guarantee a safe and enjoyable time.

You will also be given a full dive briefing, including safety procedures, before you enter the water.

There is a Hyperbaric Chamber on Koror, in the national hospital. We obviously recommend you take out dive insurance before your trip.

© Fish 'n Fins

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