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Dive Center at Pondok-Sari Beach & Spa Resort   Bali, Indonesia

Dive Center Pondok-Sari Beach & Spa Resort, Bali

The manager of the diving centre, located directly on the sandy Beach is Dieter Merz (Düde) from Switzerland.
His team of diving instructors and dive masters speaks English and German languages and instruct to SSI, Barakuda (CMAS) and PADI standards.
Opening hours of the dive center: 8:00am to 5:00pm.


The dive center was built in 2004 and consists of antique wood. It is directly on the sandy Beach of the Pondok Sari Resort and will be equipped - as are all WERNER-LAU-diving centres - to cater for the special requirements and desires of the divers.
In order to meet all demands, there is always enough equipment available for hire.

  • 30 BCD's Jackets (Scubapro)
  • 30 Regulators with octopus, depth gauge and inflator (Scubapro)
  • 60 Sets comprising of mask, fins and snorkel
  • 30 short wetsuits (3mm Shorties) and 20 long suits (3mm)
  • 20 dive computers (Suunto Gekko)
  • 10 underwater torches

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we have 130 Aluminium tanks (12 liter/100 cu ft, DIN + INT), 12 x 8 liter Aluminium tanks and 4 x 15 liter/120 cu ft Aluminium tanks (the last ones on request ) available. The tanks are filled from 3 Bauer Compressor.

Nitrox for free goes without saying, like all Werner Lau Diving Centres. A well equipped workshop is also available for use by the guests if needed. The staff members are always ready to give advice or lend a helping hand.


Privately-owned equipment

Both the privately-owned and the hired equipment are kept in the diving centre.
To provide our guests with an all round service the equipment will be loaded onto the boats by members of our staff, who at the end of the trip will also bring the equipment back, rinse everything in clear water and store all the equipment in the diving centre.
Tank Service
A 50c service charge per dive is included in the bill. This service charge is equally divided at the end of each month amongst all employees, so that even, for example, those responsible for filling the tanks, can benefit.




4 Fiberglas boats:    

Mola mola :
Length: 11 m, Width: 2,60 m, for 14 divers, 2 x 115 PS

Lumba lumba :
11 m, Width: 2,60 m, for 14 divers, 2 x 115 PS

Cumi cumi :
11 m, Width: 2,60 m, for 14 divers, 2 x 115 PS

David :
Length: 7 m , Width: 2 m, for 5 - 7 divers, 2 x 40 PS


The boats are equipped with oxygen, a radio and an emergency first aid kit.
A doctor, whose specialities include diving medicine, and who also supervises the decompression chamber has his practise in Denpasar. (Sanglah General Hospital, Diponegoro Street).

Local Diving

We offer a multitude of diving possibilities for every diver: Participation in the Coral Project involves shore diving, and is particularly suitable for Check dives, Introductory dives, Refresher courses and OWD, and offers "fish fulfillment/satisfaction" already from the first dive. Night diving is also well incorporated in the Coral Project, and has already transformed some Macro-fans to speechless astonishment. The visibility during shore diving can however, be influenced during certain months (February, July, August) by wave action and surface conditions.

Local dive sites are located along a 2000m / 1.25 miles stretch of coastline. Starting at 4-5m / 13-16 ft they drop down to depths of between 30/40m. Stunning intact corals, a multitude of Macro-life and occasionally big fish, can be seen, along with the usual numbers of different kinds of fishes.

Menjangan is certainly one of the top dive sites in the world, offering steep wall sites (excluding Eel Garden). These walls fall to depths between 30-40m. The spectacular coral as well as the variety of fish to be seen, leaves no wish unfulfilled.
Secret Bay is the ultimate "Macro heaven" underwater, where critters otherwise seldom seen in other parts of the world, can be found.

Shore diving at the Coral Reef Project
Directly in front oft the dive center the virtual coral reef is located with uncounted numbers of corals. It is an excellent and highly interesting dive spot for dives during whole day, night dives and dive courses. The reef project continues seamlessly to the natural reef which goes down to 20 m depth.

Especially interesting

The reef project in Pemuteran is part of the biggest Project worldwide to breed coral.
For a distance of about 150m / 500 ft , wire cages have been placed at a depth of three to seven meters in the water. The minor electric current (12-20 V, 5 Amp) which runs though these cages is harmless, even by direct contact, but it results in the corals here growing at a speed 4-5 times quicker that in other areas. It is interesting to see the fish and fish shoals which seek refuge among these corals. The rest of our local dive sites also promises interesting discoveries and fans of macro photography will be delighted.



Apart from shore diving, a variety of local dive sites that can be reached within a 5-30 minutes boat journey are on offer.
Departure for the local sites of Pemuteran occurs daily at 09:30am and 2:00pm (single tank dives); Return time is at approximately 11:00 to 11:30am, and 4:00pm respectively.
Furthermore, regular boat excursions to the legendary dive sites of Menjangan Island, will be offered where 2 dives are done. Time departure is at 08:30am, and return is at approximately 2:00pm (weather dependent). The duration of the boat journey is between 30 - 50 minutes (once again, weather dependent).
We transfer our diving guests to Secret Bay by car in about 35 minutes, where 2 tank dives are done. The time of departure however varies, depending on tidal changes and therefore, when the site can be dived.
Depending on the number of guests, the diving guests of the Matahari Beach Resorts and Pondok Sari Resorts dive together.

Diving Instruction

Trial diving:
At any time on request we offer the chance to allow newcomers to the sport a taste of the wonderful world of diving.
During this dive, which lasts about 1 hour, you can experience the beautiful under water world of the Indonesian Sea on a test basis. At a depth of only 3-5 meters it is like being in the middle of an aquarium and you can enjoy the fascinating world of the coral reef.
The courses take between3-5 days (depending on the condition of the dive pupils). The pupils spend the mornings and afternoons in the water and are introduced to diving in small groups under the supervision of a qualified instructor. The last dive is made from the boat. The theory lessons take place between or after the practical lessons.
After passing the exam the pupil receives an internationally recognised certificate (SSI Open Water Diver or CMAS*). Or alternatively, the instruction can follow the PADI guidelines. (PADI Open Water Diver).

Additionally we are qualified to teach and certify Adventure Advanced Course, Nitrox Course and the specialty courses Depth, Navigation, Night Divving, Buoyancy, Boat, Drift and Computer.


If you are planning sight seeing excursions during your dive holidays or after having finished diving, you should be aware that the main road to the South (Denpasar) goes via the mountains (1100m -1800m / 1 - 2yd ); therefore diving has to be stopped 24 hours before the trip (use of dive computer is obligatory). Alternatively you can choose the road along the sea side with a trip duration up to 6 hours.



The outdoor temperature is 28 to 35 degree Celsius / 82 to 95 degree Fahrenheit.
Water temperatures:
January until June as well as September until December 29 to 30 degree Celsius / 84 to 86 degree Fahrenheit.
July and August 26 to 27 degree Celsius / 79 to 80 degree Fahrenheit; for the boat trips during this time we recommend a light wind jacket because oft he fresh wind. Secret Bay: 22 to 25 degree Celsius / 72 to 77 degree Fahrenheit; we recommend to wear in addition a short wetsuit (Shorty) from the dive center over your normal wetsuit.



Short outline: Destination and dive area at Pemuteran/north west Bali

Holiday season:
whole year Dive season; we especially recommend the months March until June as well as September until December.
Dive conditions may be worse in January/February as result of the rainy season, with the north west of Bali generally being the most dry area in Bali. In July and August sometimes there can be high waves at the shore; shore diving might not be possible then. At these times our boats will start and end at the small Pemuteran harbor. In just a few minutes we will transport our divers by car. For this season we recommend to use a light outdoor jacket for the boat trips because of the fresh wind.

Dive highlights: Wonderful corals of any kind, macro diving like in „macro heaven“, the big coral breeding project as an ideal dive spot directly from the sandy beach. Worldwide known: The dive spots at Menjangan island and at Secret Bay. Calm and easy dive area, for beginners as well as for experienced divers.

Current: None to middle.

Dive qualifications: International dive certifications, at least OWD level, logbook. No number of minimum dives required. Medical dive certification is recommended; in any case the diver has to confirm and to sign that there are no health reasons which do not allow diving.

Travel papers: passport that is valid at least for 6 months ongoing from the departure day; visa for 30 days is sold at the airport (25 USD).

Vaccination: the generally recommended ones

Travel medication: broad band antibiotic, antibiotic ear drops, cream or fluid against mosquito bites. In case a doctor has to be visited you have to pay cash.

Payment: In the dive center payment can be done cash (Indonesian Rupiah, exchange offices are directly at the airport) or in Euro/USD at the actual rate. Credit cards: VISA, Mastercard. Next ATM is 30 minutes away by car.

We do not accept Traveller Cheques!

Expenses at the dive center: 0.50 Euro per dive as a service charge fort he staff, 2 Euro entrance fee for Menjangan Underwater National Park (2 dives), 3.50 Euro entrance fee for Secret Bay (2 dives). 10% VAT have to be added for locally booked dives.

Languages in the dive center: English and German

Non divers: They can enjoy snorkeling directly from the beach as well as join the divers` boat. Boat trips are allowed to children ongoing from the age of 10 years. More activities: see under “sight seeing”.

Clothes: light summer/beach clothes; in the evening casual or shirt/trousers combination, depending of the hotel category. For sight seeing trips a light outdoor jacket and sport shoes are recommended; for the ladies shoulders and knees have to be covered for entering the temples, sarongs can be hired. During the rainy season which is mostly in form of rain showers most oft he hotels will provide umbrellas to their guests.

Destination Pemuteran village: It is a not yet touristic street village with some hotel restaurants and lots of small local restaurants and shops. The local people are very friendly and hospitable. No beach selling, no night bars or discos. Quiet and sure village for tourists who are looking for an authentic Balinese area.

Sight seeing: As a guest you will be part oft he daily village life including all the temple ceremonies. Often the guests are invited to private ceremonies. One oft he most famous temples in Bali, the so called monkey temple, is located directly before the entrance oft he village, other temples are nearby. Trekking tours in the West Bali National Park are possible. Excursions to Java island as well as local Bali trips are offered.

Socially interested are welcome to visit our local social projects (




Dive sites Bali West

Dive sites:

1. Secret Bay (Gilimanuk Bay)
2. Pura Tembok (Temple Wall)
3. Tankad Jaran
4. Close Encounters
5. Deep Reef
6. Napoleon Reef
7. Kebun Batu
8. Gondol Reef






1. Dive site Secret Bay (Gilimanuk Bay) - Bali West

Time to destination : 50 minutes
3,5 Std. From Alam Anda
Difficulty: 0 to 2
Current: non to little
Tips: This Dive spot is a must for photographers

Secret Bay (or Gilimanuk Bay); Over the last couple of years this site has become a bit of a legend in the diving community, second only the world renowned twilight zone of Ambon, this is critter heaven. A muck dive, really only for the macro enthusiast. This mangrove lined bay 40 minutes drive from the hotel offers many rare and wonderful small things (critters). Not much coral, cool water and shallow generally maxing out at 12mtrs, at a push.

Marine Life; this is the home to seahorses, a variety of ghost pipefish, dragonet, nudis galore, mantis shrimp and many more. (Watch out for the snakesJ)
An absolute must for any diver with a camera, lots of film and a macro lens.


2. Dive site Pura Tembok (Temple Wall) - Bali West

Time to destination : 10 minutes
Difficulty: 0 to 2
Current: medium
Tips: impressive under water landscape with artificial parts

Temple Wall; This small wall which is close to shore which some times makes for poor visibility, but ist an interesting dive with a good selection of crustaceans. Coral cover and sponges proliferate along the far end where the wall sharply curves into the Bay beyond. The wall bottom ranges from 16 to 35mtrs and crosses into the deep where a fascinating maze configuration heads out across the next bay. This second deep dive offers some large Gorgonians and a spooky dive experience. A very good night dive location but can be tricky if the tides are running. Good snorkelling location.
Just lately at this dive spot - a temple itself became reality. At 30 meters of depth you are diving through a temple door which is looked after the common god statues at the sides. You will first reach the smaller temple where you are eye to eye with the elephant-god. This temple wall is looked after on both sides by turtles out of stone. Right after that you can finally surround the big Buddha at the wall at the back.
The whole area is grown over by beautiful gorgonians. At the right light it almost got a mystic atmosphere around it.
Marine Life: usual, Snapper, Sweet lips, blue spotted Rays, Painted Lobsters, Squat Lobsters and Fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: Frogfish, Pipefish, interesting Nude branches, Scorpion fish, Stone fish, Electric clams, octopus.
Occasional stuff: cuttlefish, rays.

3. Dive site Tankad Jaran - Bali West

Time to destination : 5 minutes
Difficulty: 0
Current: non to weak
Tips: under water wreck Parcours

Tankad Jaran is the name of our newest diving spot. It is located between Pura Tembok and Close Encounters. Translated, Tankad Jaran means “Ships Graveyard”.
Together with a neighbouring diving centre, our diving centre manager “Düde” has spent the past few week sinking a total of 5 old ships here. The ships lie at depths between 14 and 17m/ 46 and 56 ft.
More ships are planned, so that in the foreseeable future a type of under water wrack course will evolve. It is planned to supply a weak current from a type of fibreglass pontoon similar to that on our artificial reef, to stimulate the coral growth. A few beautiful red fire fish have already moved in to this diving spot.

4. Dive site Close Encounters - Bali West

Time to destination : 10 minutes
Difficulty: 0 to 3
Current: non to little
Tips: big accumulation of fish, lots of swarm fish

Close Encounters; a large three sided reef, two of which are very diveable the last is one big sandy slope. Situated two kilometers offshore the Reef has steep sloping sides coming up to a flat top, with ranges from 12mtrs at the far end to 3-4mtrs at the shallow. The slopes themselves start to level off to a gentle sandy bottom at 25-30mtrs. Currents on all the house reefs tend to be nominal to none existent, unless we are getting the bigger tides with short intervals between. The coral cover along the slopes is a good mix of hard and soft covering; the east side is particularly good with many little nooks 'n' crannies, healthy sponges, providing many hiding places for interesting life.

Marine Life: usual, schooling snapper, trevally, batfish, sweetlips, angelfish, and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, crocodilefish, pipefish, many interesting nudis, scorpionfish, Octopus and leaf scorpions.
Occasional stuff: Shark, Tuna, Bumphead Parrotfish and large Rays.

5. Dive site Deep Reef - Bali West

Time to destination : 10 minutes 
Difficulty: 2 to 4
Current: weak to medium
Tips: lots of swarm fish and big coral fields

Deep Reef; With the GPS as our only reference we drop into the open blue ocean before seeing the reef rising to meet you at the twenty metre mark. Bottoming out at the 40-50mtr mark with the shallowest point at 13mtr, this reef lives up to ist name. Plenty of dense coral formation on this pristine little reef makes for a fun blue water rush.

Marine Life: usual, snapper, trevally, batfish, sweetlips, angelfish and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, crocodilefish, pipefish, many interesting nudis, scorpionfish, and octopus.
Occasional stuff: shark, bumphead parrotfish and rays.

6. Dive site Napoleon Reef - Bali West

Time to destination : 10 minutes
Difficulty: 0 to 3
Current: weak to medium
Tips: promises interesting night dives

Napoleon; again two kilometres offshore, a flat topped gently sloping reef but with a small wall on one side, depth range same as Close Encounters. Hit the hardest by El Nino, Napoleon has shown a tremendous amount of recovery and is again home to a healthy variety of coral and marine life. The soft coral garden towards the west is particularly pretty; offering a nice range of gorgonians. The deep end Napoleon offers the usual and unusual fish from Close Encounters plus a better chance of rays and cuttlefish. Napoleon is also one of our regular night dive spot, offering a wide variety of night critters plus cat shark. Good snorkelling location.

Marine Life: usual, snapper, trevally, batfish, sweet lips, angelfish, blue spotted Rays, squid and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, crocodile fish, pipefish, many interesting Nude branches, scorpion fish, Octopus and leaf scorpions.
Occasional stuff: Shark, Bump head Parrotfish and Eagle Rays (more chance of seeing Cuttlefish).

7. Dive site Kebun Batu - Bali West

Time to destination : 0 minutes
Difficulty: 0
Current: none
Tips: artificial reef, very interesting for night dives

Kebun Batu or Rock Garden is located in the next bay and is in front of the Karang Lestari coral project. The Rock itself rises from a sandy bottom no deeper than 18mtrs as a pinnacle or coral with a flat top at the 4mtr mark. The base of the rock on the shore side rises in a small coral mound to 8mtrs. The surrounding sand slopes gently up to the beach. The rock itself is an interesting dive during the day offering a lot of critters and small fish. But it really comes alive during the night.

Karang Lestari is an award winning artificial reef project which stimulates coral growth on manmade metal structures using electricity. The process can stimulate coral growth by up to eight times the normal rate, plus producing a healthier and stronger colony better able to resist increased water temperatures. The frames also make for nursing grounds for fish
Good snorkelling location

Proyek Pinyu is the local turtle project. Turtles are regular guests at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa usually checking in for one night on the beach where they lay their eggs before checking out again. Here at David's Dive Sport along with the local turtle project collect the eggs ready to be transported to a safe place where they can grow unmolested. Turtles and their eggs are regarded as a delicacy in Bali, though illegal nests are regularly plundered and turtles taken for meat and religious sacrifice.
Please help stop the illegal trade in wildlife by not buying turtle products or anything taken from the wild.

8. Dive site Gondol Reef - Bali West

Time to destination : 20 minutes
Difficulty: non to little
Current: none
Tips: good place for big fish

Gondol Reef; Another new and little explored location which is proving good for big fish. The northern end is proving to be mainly very nice wall the eastern end dropping into the blue. Local fishermen claim tiger shark can be found in this location, but no dive master from David's Dive Sport has yet to see one and all trips have returned unscathed J This reef is good until 10mtrs then becomes patchy with large sand areas interspersed with small clumps of coral.

Marine Life: usual, snapper, trevally, batfish, sweet lips, angelfish and fusiliers.
Unusual stuff: frogfish, pipefish, many interesting nude branches, scorpion fish and octopus.
Occasional stuff: Big rays, shark, (in rainy season a whale shark was spotted, April 2004 saw a pair whale out in this direction chasing the seasonal influx of small shoaling fish).



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Dream holidays and diving in Bali

Dream holidays? Diving holidays? Visit us in Bali, Indonesia on the island of Gods and of the thousand temples. Dive with us and also be enchanted by art and culture of Bali, white beaches, green hills and volcanoes!

The island South East of Java measures almost 5.600 square kilometres and offers a multitude of sights and activities. No matter if you want to dive, snorkel or just relax: Our hotels, the Alam Anda Dive and Spa Resort, Siddhartha Dive Resort and Spa, Pondok Sari or Matahari Beach Resort and Spa are just perfect. Here we offer the cream of diving holidays. No matter if you would like to learn to dive with our diving centre or if you already are a certified diver: The great house reefs and Indonesia's top dive sites like Nusa Menjangan, Nusa Penida, Tulamben, the wreck of the Liberty, Secret Bay and many more locations will fill you with enthusiasm. Great reefs, unbelievable colours, manta rays and sun fishes all year round and, of course, one of the best diving areas for nudibranches, critters and all other kinds of macro life worldwide. Photographers get their money worth, under as well as above water. Diving in Bali, Indonesia means to dive at some of the best dive spots in the world.

Bali has to offer a lot on land as well: All kinds of excursions, authentic culture, dreamlike wellness offers in our spas, dances, cooking courses and much more.


Bali is an Indonesian island located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. It is one of the country's 33 provinces with the provincial capital at Denpasar towards the south of the island.

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The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: "Indos" meaning Indian and "Nesos" which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelago as there are estimated to be a total of 17,508

islands, of which only about 6,000 are inhabited, stretching for 5,150 km between the Australian and Asian

continental mainlands and dividing the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator.

Five main islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes are home to the majority of the population. The main i

slands are Sumatra (473,6O6, Kalimantan 1539,400, Sulawesi l 189,216 sq. km), Irian Jaya (421,981 sq. km), and last but not leastJava (132,187, home to 70 percent of the country's population. Indonesia shares Irian Jaya with Papua New Guinea and two thirds of the island of Kalimantan with Malaysia and Borneo.

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Map of Indonesia plots all 33 provinces, include : Bali , Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes, Molucca & Papua, Lombok, Bintan and more. It has much to offer to travelers and tourists. It is a land of hills, rivers, plateaus, plains, beaches, deltas and deserts. It also houses many luxurious hotels and resorts to cater to its booming travel and tourism industry. provides a wide collection of map for its audience. Indonesia Tourism Maps provide details of every single province of this country. Here you can look at maps of each province and detail village / regency. Here is the complete maps of Indonesia provinces that present for all visitors who want to know more about Indonesia region.

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