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Werner Lau Tec   Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Werner Lau Tek

For all those divers the limits of recreational diving are not enough, we decided, to align with the best instructors for technical diving in Red Sea.
We are pleased, to present you the association with the best technical Instructors in the red sea.


Who is who at Werner Lau - red sea?

Aaron Bruce- Technical Manager, Responsible for all technical diving from Werner Lau.
- TDI Instructor Trainer in every discipline CCR and Open Circuit


What is What in Technical Diving in Sharm el Sheikh?
Technical diving is any type of diving that takes you beyond the recreational limits in any way and is not just about depth. In technical diving the aim is to achieve extra time at any depth you want! You will begin to utilise different types of diving rigs from twin tanks, for extra gas supply, or even closed circuit rebreathers to discover and utterly silent world with almost perfect buoyancy. The aim of technical diving courses is to make you self-sufficient to deal with any problems that may occur during any of your underwater experiences and it also gives you the knowledge in equipment and theory to be able to plan dives that go beyond the recreational no decompression limits in depth, time or even both.

The team are dedicated and solely focused on delivering all the courses and technical diving need with unparalleled safety, customer service and satisfaction.

Werner Lau Tek is managed by Aaron Bruce who is the only closed circuit rebreather instructor trainer in Egypt on most rebreathers and is also supported by a dedicated team who are based in Sharm and Marsa Alam.

Tekguru has all new top of the range technical diving equipment. The philiosophy of Tekguru is that the equipment we dive every day has lasted us for many years and in many ways is the best equipment on the market so all students dive identical equipment to the instructors. This equipment includes:

4 Full sets of technical diving gear
Each Set includes:

  • 1 x Technical Wing
  • 1 x backplate
  • 4 x Regulators
  • 1 x Long Reel
  • 1 x Finger Spool
  • 1 x SMB
  • 1 x Emergency SMB
  • 1 x Lift Bag

Rebreathers Including -
Buddy Inspiration Vision
Kiss Classic
Poseidon MK6

All equipment is maintained by the technical instructors themselves and are always in top quality before being allowed in the water but there is also a fully stocked workshop just incase you have any problems with your own or any other equipment.
We provide 12L Aluminium Twinsets and either 12 or 10L aluminium stage tanks for open circuit and we stock a range of Rebreather and Bailout tanks.


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Sharm El Sheikh / Naama Bay

If you’re heading for the place where it’s all happening, day and night, the sandy Naama bay shall be your destination: the sandy beautiful bay is the pumping heart of Sharm El Sheikh and your place to stay.

The first hotel in Naama, was built over there before 1980. The area is still considered as a paradise for snorkelers and divers who can enjoy very well preserved coral reefs and amazing colourful fish species.

This strip of Sharm El Sheikh’s beachfront is home to dozens of diving centres and luxurious hotels and resorts. Here, you can experience all types of beach and water activities including glass-boat rides, kayaking, parasailing, wind surfing, banana boat rides and of course, most importantly, swimming and sunbathing.

Picture: (C) by NASA

Diving in the Red Sea, Egypt, at one of our diving centres in Marsa Alam or in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai.

The Red Sea is only a four hour flight away from Europe. World-class diving awaits you in Marsa Alam or in Sharm el Sheikh. Swimming and snorkelling are a must as well while you are in Egypt. The Sinai Reefs like the Straits of Tiran, Ras Mohamed, Ras Umm Sid or the reefs of Marsa Alam like Abu Dabbab, Elphinstone and Dolphin House are amongst the world's best dive sites. Everything is available here – sightings of big fish (all kinds of sharks, mantas, dolphins and many more), great reef formations and an enormous diversity of corals.

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Enjoy the best time of the year at one of our diving centres. Diving courses, sport diving, technical diving (Tec Diving), rebreather, TDI, Nitrox (for free)… everything is possible here while shore diving on the house reef or while boat diving.
Sinai: Our diving centre is located at the Helnan Marina Hotel (Naama Bay) in the heart of Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea, Egypt.
Marsa Alam: Our divers' hotel The Oasis which is located at the spacious beach North of Marsa Alam is small, comfortable and charming and perfect for divers and guests looking for peace and quiet. The resort captivates by its unique architectural style, its informal atmosphere and absolute peace.

Experience the splendour of the Red Sea! Let one of our diving centres introduce you to the diversity of the underwater world. The magnificent marine life of the Red Sea provides unforgettable diving experiences.
Sport activities in the city of Sharm el Sheikh in Sinai or in Marsa Alam on the East coast are extensive: a water sports paradise perfect for jet skiing, water skiing, sailing, surfing or diving.


Pictures: (C) by Irena Tyfova

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