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Special thanks to all photographer and dive companies who provided pictures for our webpage.

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AAA Maldives

Buddy Dive Resort, Belmar Bonair

Claudio Gazzoreli

Emperor Divers

G. Schindlmeier

Irena Tyfova

James Davson

John Thorne


L. Lippmann

Luke Atkinson

Luc Mommens

M. Evans

Bernd Nies

Norbert Probst

Guenter Schindlmaier


Paola Bearzi

Rolf Lohmann

Stella Maris Resort

Takako Uno

Tova and Navot Bornovski

Udo van Dongen

Udo Kefrig

Ulrich Wozniak

Werner Lau

William Tan

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